F.A.T Fixed Appliance Testing

What is F.A.T
F.A.T (Fixed Appliance Testing) is the testing is the testing and inspection of appliances that are fixed and wired in to a spur for example, heaters or hand dryers. In order to test these items Safe Isolation is required. This means that we will require access to your Consumer Unit (Fuse Box) to power down the appliance.
How long does it take?
Due to it's complex nature F.A.T (Fixed Appliance Testing) will take roughly 15 - 30 minutes an item but can take longer. This is due to our technicians having to power down the circuit that the appliance is on by means of safe isolation, we then test to ensure the power is off then inspect and test the appliance and the spur. Once all this has been completed our staff will re-energise the circuit.
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