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Wattech PAT Testing Swansea is the most cost effective solution for you and your business. With the use of professional PAT testing equipment and software, our specialist technicians will work with you to ensure that the life of your electrical appliances is as long as possible. With a range of servicing packages available and a fast, reliable service you can remain safe in the knowledge that testing of your equipment will have minimal disruption to you and your business.



From restraunts and care homes to shops and hair dressers, our technicians ensure that all your items are safe to use. We can help keep your family safe around your electrical house hold appliances. With one of our home safety checks we can test all your electrical appliances from the fridge and tumble dryer to your hair dryer and tv to ensure they are all safe to use.



  • Open Every Plug Top

  • Check Every Fuse

  • Tighten Every Screw Terminal

  • Tighten Every Clamp

  • Check Every Cord

  • Test Continuity Of The Protective Earth

  • Test Insulation & Leakage

  • Record All Results Including Test Result Values Digitally

  • Email Results Within 7 days of Full Payment Being Received

S   Stationary Equipment
IT   IT Equipment
M   Movable Equipment
P   Portable Equipment
H   Hand Held Equipment

Advised retesting

To the left are some advised retest periods however it is the responsibility of the duty holder (usually the person in charge of your health and safety) to decide on your retest periods. We advise you to check with your insurance company if they have any certain conditions regarding the retest periods.

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